Pickup 11am.

Numerous wineries and breweries of your choice.

Leave the valley just after 5pm (which is when most venues close) to arrive back by around 6pm.

It is very useful to have a pack or two of those small water bottles from the supermarket.

I recommend a simple theme. Hawai shirts. Summer dresses for girls. Colourful. (Avoid the black tee shirts and baseball caps. They just don’t suit the venues.) Hawai Shirts and summer dresses really suit the occasion.

(No cans, no glass, no bottles, no casks, no hidden items in shirts or socks.)

Lighting system.

1000W Sony amplifiers with Bose and Wharfedale speakers and subwoofers.

We always have a top time.

I enjoy a good party.

Wine Tour 11-5.30pm 6 hours

45 seat bus $770

70 seat bus $1100